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Solutions for Saw Sharpening

Work More Efficiently

If you’re in the saw mill or carpentry businesses, you understand the importance of turning out products in the most efficient manner possible. A significant aspect of achieving that efficiency is having your saws sharpened at the correct specification. If your saws become dulled, your wood will take much longer to saw, and will oftentimes result in an improper cut. At Central BC Saw Works, we are well-versed in industrial saw sharpening in Prince George. Additionally, we service a wide range of saws and services in order to keep your operation running smoothly:

  • Carbide Rip Saws
  • Carbide Trim Saws
  • Insert Tooth Head Saws

Surface Grinder

Central BC Saw Works now features a surface grinder for your sharpening needs. It’s a 10-foot dual with a total surface area of 20 feet. The surface grinder is great for Zamboni blades and mill chipper knives, as it allows us to sharpen multiple blades simultaneously to ensure the weight and balance are the same:

  • Chipper knives
  • Planer knives


Our Commitment

Central BC Saw Works is committed to providing our customers with quality service and extensive knowledge in the saw sharpening field. We assess each customer’s situation in order to determine their needs. Call us today for all of your saw sharpening and repair needs.

Sharper Equals Faster

A sharper blade means faster work and less waste

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